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Caring for over 300 animals, we go through a lot of equipment, food and other consumables. Your help with donations of these and other similar items is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you for helping Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary! 

If you're planning to bring items to the sanctuary, please contact us first to arrange a drop off time. 

general items

  • Fuel cards

  • Bunnings gift cards

  • Toilet paper 

  • Tissues

  • Scottowels

  • Chux cloths 

  • Laundry pegs

  • Eco-friendly laundry liquid

  • Towels (no holes)

  • Flat sheets (king or queen size unfitted)

  • Polar fleece blankets

  • Clean wheelbarrows in working order

  • New rakes/shovels/spades

  • New buckets

  • New large flexi tubs

*Please note: no pillows, cushions doonas or soft toys as we have plenty now :)


  • Weetbix (LOTS!) in boxes, not sacks please

  • Tinned corn

  • Nut muesli

  • Unsalted nuts (all types)

  • Peanut butter

  • Goat muesli

  • Paper cat litter 

  • Cat food pouches

  • Small parrot seed mix

  • Poultry mix

  • Lamb pellets

  • Lucerne chaff

  • Oaten chaff

  • Profelac lamb milk powder

Animal care

  • Vytrate electrolyte

  • Anitone supplement 

  • Salt licks

  • Centrigen spray (aerosol if possible)

  • Vet wrap (any size)

  • Betadine antiseptic

  • Large-sized pet crates

  • Needles and syringes


*Please note: no general medical supplies or dog coats as we have plenty now :)

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