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Welcome to
Possum ValleyAnimal Sanctuary

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is a charitable organisation in Perth, Western Australia, that is home to more than 300 rescued animals.

Founded by Mark and Chris and run by a group of dedicated volunteers, the sanctuary strives towards its mission of creating a more just and compassionate world for animals through rescue, fostering, rehabilitation, rehoming, education and advocacy. 


Bonded pair, Pearl (who is blind) and her companion Lucas

Our Mission

  • Rescue 
  • Raise awareness
  • Rehabilitate 
  • Foster
  • Advocate

Our vision is to support a more just world for all animals. A world where animals are treated with kindness and respect for their needs. Where animals have safe homes with their families, living without fear of harm or exploitation.

Our Vision

Missy lamb, photo by Houndstooth Studio

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