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Goat and Lamb Yoga

Are ewe kidding me? There is goat (and lamb) yoga at Possum Valley?

That's right, you can salute to the sun, meditate or just enjoy the company of some of our gorgeous goat and lamb friends at our weekend fundraising sessions of goat yoga.

Running all year round, except in the heart of winter, you can join our sessions led by qualified yoga instructors in the scenic surrounds of the sanctuary.

You don't need to be an expert yogi guru - beginners are welcome. Bring a yoga mat (or borrow ours), a camera, and bliss out with hooved friends joining in your pose or snuggling on your mat. 

All funds raised go to helping cover our animal rescue costs. .

Goat yoga merchandise, including our new goat yoga tees and singlets, will be available at each session. 

To find out session times and book see our events page.

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Goat and Lamb Yoga combines the physical and mental health benefits of yoga with the character and playfulness of goats and lambs!


What's not to love about stretching and relaxing in the great outdoors while connecting with our adorable, friendly, and loving goats and lambs as they wander about, snuggle up, and join in?

Along with the physical and mental health benefits is the knowledge that, as a registered charity, funds raised through your participation contributes directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of native and farm animals.


Goat and lamb Yoga is simply, the 'Greatest of All Time Yoga'!


Many of Possum Valley's residents have come to us after being found orphaned, ill, injured, or confiscated by authorities from less than ideal homes. Although all of our goats and lambs have differing personalities, when trusting of people, they are naturally affectionate, gregarious, and playful.


Our Goat and Lamb Yoga classes are held in one of our paddocks beneath the shade of some majestic jarrah and marri trees. Participants get to experience Goat and Lamb Yoga amongst the sights and sounds of the sanctuary, within their paddock home where they feel most comfortable.


At the start of the session, you will be introduced to some of our lamb and goat friends and get to hear some of their rescue stories. Our qualified yoga instructors will guide you through a fun animal-themed yoga class, suitable for all ages and capabilities, that'll have you connecting to your breath and body, as well as to our wonderful rescue goats. 

The sequence will incorporate a variety of yoga styles and finish with a savasana and meditation. 

On completion of the session, you will get to spend some time playing and cuddling with the goats and lambs or perusing our sanctuary merchandise.

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