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Larry the Lamb


Anyone who has visited the Sanctuary or attended Goat and Lamb Yoga will know Larry. Larry loves to welcome everyone with a loud baaaaaaa. He also loves to help the yoga instructors by choosing their mats, at the front of the class, to rest on during each session He is one of the most talkative sheep in the flock and is affectionately know as Laaaaarrrrrrrrrrry!


Loud Little Larry

Larry arrived in the Valley of hope on May 29th 2017.


Larry lost his mum as a tiny lamb and spent the first week of life with a doting family in the suburbs. During that week, Larry tagged along to a day care centre each day with his carer, and as a result, loves children and shouting! Larry is a small boy with a big personality, and when he’s not baaing, he loves playing chasey, leaping high in the air with excitement. Larry looks forward to visits from tour groups


World Yoga Day

The goats and lambs of the Valley love Possum Valley’s ‘Goat and Lamb Yoga’ sessions, no more so than Larry!


Our regular yoga sessions are critical for helping cover our food and vet expenses and so much fun for the people and animal participants!


To book, in see the events listings on either our Facebook page or Trybookings


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

June 21 2019

Two Teef!!

It’s Larrrrrry... and he’s got two new teefs!

May 12 2019,

Larry celebrated his second birthday and officially became a ‘two-tooth’ sheep, which means he has his second set of adult teeth. As you can see, he is very happy to show them off


Who gets as excited about dinner time as Larry Lamb?

Larry loves a breakfast time scratch

Larry takes time out of his hectic schedule to accompany us on the morning fence checks and head counts...

Downward Larry

Goat yoga in the Valley continues to captivate the community and hopefully brings a new outlook on the value of 'farm' animals.

Larry & Ken

Larry and Ken - sporting post bottle milky lips!

Shoulder Larry

It doesn't happen often, but Larry Lamb does sometimes rest if he has a shoulder to snuggle on

Handsome boy

One of the smallest lambs in the Valley, Larry would also take the prize for being one of the loudest - and we couldn’t love him more

Who nose?

Who am I? Can you guess which adorable resident this nose belongs to? 😆 Hint: loves weetbix... (is that even helpful?

Yoga Supervisor

Little Larry is counting down to our next goat and lamb yoga session! Will you come and yogi with him?

Busy bee hero

An amazing group of volunteers from Native ARC Inc. Check out Larry Lamb’s face!

Wooly Bum

Breakfast bottoms! From left we have Bertie, Arabella, Rose, Sunny, Larry and Sheeba, (with Dasher goat centre)

Screenshot 2023-12-12 150906.jpg

July 23 2022

Larry was rushed to clinic after being disinterested in his breakfast. Larry’s rumen pH had dropped and had stopped working.


Larry is received rumen transfaunations, where good bacteria are reintroduced to his system, IV fluids and round the clock care.


Although he wasn't allowed any treats,  he was very interested in the goodie bag we brought for all our inpatient residents!


July 30 2022

After spending a week in hospital. His little face says it all. 


Watching Larry’s eyes light up when we visit, go for a walk, and bring treats, remind us how emotionally complex sheep are. As ‘farm’ animals, they are rarely given credit for feelings or intelligence, being packed into trucks, boats or yards with little consideration of individuals amongst the ‘mob’. Each and every sheep is just like little Larry. 


August 5 2022

Larry, Joyce and Brownie are HOME!

Thanks to our incredible vets, Dr Kev, Dr Barney and Dr Leander, and the final year vet students, the beloved trio are well enough to be back at the Sanctuary!

There was lots of worry, and tears, over  Larry’s rumen problems  - so this was a very special day!

there was lots of weet-bix, chin scratches and TLC - welcome back guys!

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