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Joy Puppy

Joy puppy playing in straw

Joy's "Gotcha" Day

March 11 2016

In early 2016, we and sanctuary dog Trevor grieved the loss of PVAS founding dog Amber.  Our sadness soon became Joy!

Joy was a neglected outer community pup, rescued from the pound by the wonderful people at SAFE Broome. Knowing we were ready to grow the PVAS family, and believing Joy would be the perfect sanctuary pup, we were soon contacted.


A tiny pup, with a fluffy duck, tumbling out of a huge pet crate in excitement after arriving on a flight from the northwest. Joy was one of many rescue pups finding their families that afternoon, and the terminal was full of smiles. 

Joy by name and by nature, she is the Valley’s A1 watch dog, purveyor of treats, and provider of laughs! Joy loves cuddles, adores the volunteers, is happy to share sunset walks  - and we couldn’t love her more!


Making herself at home


Belly Rubs

This is Joy, Showing her best belly rubs face.

PVAS volunteers are more than happy to oblige!


Watch Dog

Joy is one our beloved Sanctuary canines - watch dog extraordinaire and morale booster for all who meet her!


Sanctuary Helper

Always keen to lend a hand with cleaning water troughs 

Trevor and Joy keeping cool in the heat. At Possum Valley we see all animals as equal. Just as you wouldn't eat a dog we wouldn't eat a goat, sheep, cow, pig, chicken, deer....


Sanctuary adventures with Joy and Trevor! These two puppers are the best of friends They adore bush walks, playtime, volunteers and each other

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