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Aside from the sheer joy of helping our fellow creatures, volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, keep fit, learn new skills, and gain valuable experience! Volunteer roles at Possum Valley are diverse and include activities like fundraising, events, cleaning, laundry, animal husbandry and transportation of animals. All are vital to allow us to continue our rescue. 

We hold volunteer days every Saturday from 9.30-1.30. We also hold busy bees and project days approximately every six weeks. Please keep an eye on our Facebook events feed for more information. 

We are NOT A FARM. We do not breed animals or endorse any breeding of animals. We do not support animal farming practices. 

Possum Valley asks out of respect for animal residents that animal products are not consumed at the sanctuary. Animals are friends, not food.

Dogs are not permitted at the sanctuary. Whilst some dogs may be well behaved, we do have residents who are scared of dogs. Our own sanctuary dogs are kept in their Dog's Den unless supervised. Please do not let them out without permission. 

The safety of our animals and volunteers is our number one priority. 

Yes! We do have snakes. They are often scared of people and will head away, but please be mindful that this is their home. 

Please DO wear strong closed in shoes (preferably steel caps), and suitable sun smart/rain proof attire as appropriate. 

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