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So You Want to Help Animals?

We are often contacted by many people who want to help animals, but don't have the time or space to run a sanctuary - don't despair, there is much you can do to make a difference! Running a sanctuary is a lifestyle, it isn't just taking in animals in need, but promoting the plight of animals in an effort that they have no need for sanctuary. Here are some easy and fulfilling steps to start the 'Sanctuary Life' in your own backyard or apartment!

  • If you haven't already done so, choose to live cruelty-free and encourage others to do the same. A few simple changes can make a huge difference to so many animals everywhere. Eat a diet free from animal products, avoiding clothes and accessories containing animal products, selecting products that do not test on animals, and asking for cruelty-free options when out dining or shopping is a great start. See the Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary Blog for great animal friendly recipe ideas. 

  • Looking for a pet? Adopt don't shop! Find a fur or feathered friend at a local shelter or rescue. Giving an animal a second chance feels good for you and them!

  • Start a garden! Plant native bird attracting plants to support local wildlife, grow organic herbs and veggies in the backyard or on your balcony, helping the environment and meanwhile cultivating your own cruelty-free fresh food. Start a compost bin. Share excess produce with neighbours or animal sanctuaries/shelters.

  • Reduce or eliminate chemicals and poisons at home. Look for natural products that are better for you, the environment, and will not harm animals. More than eighty percent of possums in our care are victims of poisoning, which could be avoided.

  • Volunteer at a local animal sanctuary or shelter. Animal rescues rely on volunteers and fundraising, they do not make money. Even if you or your back is not up to shovelling poo, get in touch to see if you can help by doing fundraising or administrative work, which busy sanctuary/shelter operators struggle to find time for. 

  • Share the love. Support your local sanctuaries/shelters by sharing and liking posts on social media. Raise awareness about animal cruelty and the plight of animals everywhere. Go to animal fundraisers, especially those that are cruelty-free.

  • Wear shirts highlighting the plight of our animal friends. Share information on the industries that harm animals.

  • Learn about animals. Did you know that sheep can recognise up to fifty faces and can read emotions of both their sheep and human friends? Let people know how social, clever and amazing all animals are. 

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