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Our Story

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, located in Mount Helena, Western Australia, is run by Chris and Mark on their 30 acre rural property.  With the help of a group of dedicated volunteer animal carers and welfare advocates, they care for over 230 native and farm animals.  

The Sanctuary evolved after a chance meeting with baby Missy. Caring for wildlife for over 15 years, it was by chance a woolly orphan came into Chris’ care, changing their lives forever.

possum valley animal sanctuary.jpg

Missy Lamb; by Houndstooth Studio

The Story of Missy

Howling wind, driving rain, a lamb is born, a mother is lost.


A lamb in need is found, joins a new family, becomes loved and cherished.


A lamb lives in a house, goes to work, bounces on a bed.


A lamb spies a future home with room to thrive, a sanctuary is purchased.


A lamb, who missed out on a drink of birth mother’s milk, begins to fall ill. A lamb battles, a family battles.


A lamb leaves this earth……. her spirit remains..... her legacy remains. 

Missy, an orphaned Shropshire lamb, was the catalyst and founding member of Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary. In her short time on this earth she made an eternal impression, forever changing the lives of not only the humans she chose to adopt as parents but of their family, friends, supporters and the multitude of animals who have and will be touched by her legacy. 

Whilst Missy did not get an opportunity to “live” at the property that was bought for her, a little of her spirit lives on in each and every animal she guides into the care of Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary. 

It is with the aid of your generous support we can continue to provide a sanctuary for animals in need. Your assistance will contribute towards the provision of facilities, equipment, food and shelter, veterinary treatment, rescue, rehoming, community education and sanctuary operational expenses.

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is a charitable organisation licensed in Western Australia under the Charitable Collections Act 1946, registered with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, and afforded tax deductibility by the Australian Tax Office.

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