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Are you interested in cryptocurrency and how it can be used to help animals?

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary is proud to be able to receive crypto donations and to be partnering with MoonPaw, within a growing community of ethical and philanthropic cryptocurrency investors.


MoonPaw is an exciting new crypto token, with a rock-solid charitable commitment written right into its code. With 2% of every transaction being donated to charities that support animal welfare and almost $60,000 raised within the first 2 weeks of trading, it’s fast becoming the choice of ethical investors worldwide.

To learn more about investing in MoonPaw visit

To donate cryptocurrencies, please use the following address details. If your preferred token is not listed below, please email us at 

Only send cryptocurrencies to their specific addresses. Any other asset sent will be permanently lost.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Only send Bitcoin (BTC) tokens to this address.

Bitcoin QR.JPG



Only send Ether (ETH) or supported ERC20 tokens to this address.

etherium QR.JPG


Ripple (XRP)

All XRP transfers must include the correct destination tag.

Ripple QR.JPG


Destination Tag: 36719

 Litecoin (LTC)

Only send Litecoin (LTC) tokens to this address.


Litecoin QR.JPG
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