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Our Residents

Baby Angel came to Possum Valley at just a few days old. She was rescued from a goat meat farm by some very kind neighbours after her mother died shortly after her birth. Angel's carers were very dedicated and did a great job keeping her safe and healthy until she arrived at the sanctuary.

Soon after her arrival, she accompanied us on a holiday to Albany with her sheep foster sister Annie. She tagged along to work in the office and helped with Christmas preparations. Once she had been vaccinated, she could join in with goat yoga and has a great time there. 

Angel's best friend is Gabby the lamb - the two being inseparable since meeting one another. You can meet Angel and her goat and lamb pals at our Goat Yoga sessions!

Angel Goat


Little Cleo lamb came into the care of Possum Valley following a vicious dog attack.  She was a loved pet, but badly mauled one night by a dog, causing significant wounds on her leg, side and face.  Her owners had reluctantly organised her euthanasia at a local vet. 


Upon hearing her plight, we asked that Cleo be surrendered to the Sanctuary in the hope her life could be saved.  Cleo’s back left leg was ‘degloved’ of skin, which would require daily dressings and treatment for many weeks.  She had a serious puncture wound on her shoulder and her ears were ripped.  The vets were hopeful and commenced daily dressings and antibiotics.  Within a week, progress was noted for both of her serious wound sites.  Cleo’s spirit was bright and she wanted to live.  She was highly cooperative with her bandage changes and treatments, working with the vets with incredible enthusiasm.  

Cleo 3.jpg

 Through it all, Cleo won the hearts of the clinic staff and visitors, walking with the nurses and students through the barn and enjoying chin rubs and cuddles.  We visited whenever possible, tracking her improvement and assuring her that soon she could come to the Sanctuary.


After a long six weeks, Cleo could at last come home.  It was a day of excitement both for us and for the many incredible donors that had made her rescue and treatment possible.  Cleo settled into Sanctuary life readily and now is one of our ‘special needs’ lambs in the house paddock. She can run and jump almost as well as her lambie friends, despite her past injuries.  Watching Cleo grow and enjoy life in the Valley is precious – she is a true inspiration.

Cleo 4.jpg

Look at Cleo now!

Cleo 1.JPG
Red 3 .jpg

Red Rooster

Red Rooster arrived over seven years ago as a tiny, fluffy chick.  He was mistaken as a ‘hen’ as a day old, but instead of a smaller egg laying chicken, he became a huge, handsome Gold Laced Wyandotte Rooster. 


Red has spent much of his life living indoors, enjoying the company of humans to other animals.  He is happy to be carried around and cuddled, sitting on our lap and perching under the dinner table each evening.  Now in his senior years and experiencing some arthritis, Red potters around in the kitchen and living room full time, awaiting his favourite foods of halved apples, tomatoes and tinned corn.  Red is one of the gentlest roosters we have the pleasure of caring for and we enjoy his company as much as he loves people.

Red 4.jpg
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